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JB Safety 1st Van Rules

* For the safety of all passengers, no food or drinks will be consumed in the vehicle. 

* Please refrain from using any profanity

* No weapons of any kind 

* We cannot administer any medicine 

* In an effort to get our students to school in a timely manner, drivers will wait 3 minutes for students after which they may leave to continue the route. 

* Due to emergencies outside of our control (traffic delays, accident's, student related emergency, weather related delays, etc.) the driver may be delayed. Please note, we will make every effort to contact parents in the event of a delay. Student and driver safety will always be our priority.

* Please contact our office in the event your child will not be in attendance for the day.

*Please ensure to have someone at home to welcome your child. 

* No fighting or disrespectful language will be tolerated. 

* Repeat violations of rules will be documented and termination of services will be considered. 


It is our goal to execute a safe and positive experience for our families and students. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. As a family owned business, we understand that our children's well being is priority for all parents. When your child is in our care we will do our best to collaborate with each family to ensure each child is happy and respected. Thank you for trusting us with your loved ones. 

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